It’s unfortunate, but divorce rates continue to hover around 50% across the nation. When you face the division of a partnership, however, there’s no reason your divorce has to be acrimonious or hostile; every day, more people discover the benefits of a no-fight divorce.

For many years, Los Angeles no-court divorce attorney Randy Alexander has helped clients navigate the process of no-fight divorces throughout the state of California. If you’re facing a separation and think this might be of help for you, I am eager to talk.

Understanding No-Fight Divorce

A no-fight divorce, no-court divorce or NFD is a form of uncontested divorce. This means that both parties agreed to the separation, and there are few disagreements regarding the division of debts and assets. The parties agree to come together to discuss any disputes that might exist, and agree between themselves on how the separation should occur, without the intervention of a court.

Why You Need an Attorney

No-court divorce attorneys are vital to the process of an NFD. This is because even if both parties agree to how their property and debts should be split, the courts still need to approve any agreement. An attorney knows how to structure the legalities of such an agreement to prevent problems or future disputes down the line.

In addition, an NFD is usually resolved through mediation, which is a legal process of dispute resolution during which a neutral third-party (often a divorce attorney) sits down with both sides, hears their arguments, and helps them to overcome lingering anger or hostility as well as to come to an equitable agreement for everyone involved.

Mediation protects your confidentiality, saves you money and time, leaves control of the resolution in your hands, and increases the chances the courts will approve the final agreement. It can also sometimes help to preserve some degree of trust and respect between the parties.

California No-Court Divorce Attorney

I have many years of experience helping couples from all walks of life achieve a successful no-court divorce in California. Some of the advantages you have in securing my services are available online document processing, and the use of Skype in both consultation and mediation services. This increases the convenience and ease of the services I offer.

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